Wetten! - Description


A game for 3-5 players at the age of 12 - 99 years.
Game duration: ca 1 hour

Game Background

In the game "Wetten!" the players take the role of gamblers, trying to make the big money by betting on horse races.

Game Objectives

The objective of the game is to win the biggest amount of money over 5 races.


Markus Filsinger aka ErolK: ed.bew|regnislif_m#liaMe
Christian RieƟ aka fractal_butterfly: ten.xmg|sseiRnaitsirhC#liaMe
Fabian Kees: ed.xmg|32oemor#liaMe

additional Informations

Luck: 20 %
Taktics: 50 %
Social interaction: 30%

similair games:

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