the workshop starts every day, December 14 to 18, at 9:30 to 16:30, with one hour lunch break.

the room is yet not defined.


Planned schedule:

Monday: Introduction

basic theory, creation of teams, brainstorming, game layout, material planning, play example game(s)

Tuesday: Create your game

setup basic game rules, create placeholder material, play first successful game session with dev. team

Wednesday: Improve your game

first redesign based on play session(s), Iterations, collect feedback and refine gamedesign, finetune game material

Thursday: Presentation

Writing of rules: prepare a up-to-date version of the rules that is self-explanatory (no game master needed), add examples to the rules where appropriate
non-guided play sessions (observed by creator), another Iteration of game and rules, improve material to ease gameplay

Friday: Appearance and Publish

Redesign the game material (digital form), publish the game on wikidot (add description, rules, material files)
postmortem - what went right, what went wrong
the future - how can a future workshop be improved
where do the games go to from now on?

Planned Games:

the goal for the workshop is to design a board or card game
At the end of the workshop each group can present a working version of the game and has the rules and material online for distribution


the game should be playable in about 1 hour or less
the game can be designed in a short time
the game material can be created in a short time

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